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Worldwide Travel Adapter

Travel worldwide with 4 different plug conversions- compatible with U.S, Australian, European & UK plug standards
Two built-in high quality Fuses- one for use & one back-up
3x USB-A ports, 1x Type-C charging, 1x Type-C PD20 Fast Charging

Travel the world without the stress of trying to find the right travel adapter! The Worldwide Travel Adapter has 4 different plug conversions, compatible with US, Australian, European and UK plug standards. The adapter has two built-in high quality fuses, protecting any surge of electricity or short circuiting that could damage your devices or cause excessive heat. The product comes with one back-up fuse. The Worldwide Travel Adapter can power all of your devices at once, with 3 USB-A ports, a Type-C charging port and a PD20 Fast Charging Type-C port. With branding to the front and top of the adapter, the Worldwide Travel Adapter makes for a great premium promotional product.

  • Min Order Qty: 30
  • Dimensions: 76 x 55 x 53mm
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